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In a (figurative) nutshell

Hi! My name is Max. I am a senior in college / applying to graduate school to pursure a PhD in clinical psych or development. I hope to start graduate school Fall 2024! 


I have had the pleasure of speaking at more than a dozen panels and a handful of conferences, varying in size to a crowd of 15 at local conferences to 2,000+ on virtual conferences and 30-70 at the International OCD Foundation's annual conference. By great luck, I have spoken alongside leading experts in the treatment of OCD and autism. 


In addition to my speaking gigs, I also work with autistic people and their families--I have done everything from tutoring / executive functioning help to helping high school seniors and their families make plans for post-high school plans! I also have had the delight of running a weekly group for autistic young adults.  

Casual Business Meeting

November 1999- December 2000


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Client 8


Professional Guidance

I have been working with Itaka for many years. Together, we created a number of successful projects that helped my client’s business grow. To learn more about my clients and what I can do for you, contact me today.

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