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And so it goes

February 2024....and beyond.

As an autistic person (and a human) I am a fan of plans and routines. However as we all know, sometimes plans don't work out.

I had planned to meet with a lawyer to discuss launching my peer groups for middle / high school students, but ended up in the hospital for a flare of a chronic condition. I've had to take a few weeks off of my Monday group for autistic young adults as I recover.

I plan to get my Monday groups back as soon as possible---and then, after some stability, I will (hopefully) be able to launch my groups for middle / high schoolers.

To cope with all of this uncertainty, I have been letting myself engage in my special interests, spending more time focusing on my sensory needs, and doing a lot of positive "self talk."

Lastly--if you or someone you know is interested in one of my groups, or my other services (tutoring, consulting, speaking....) please send me an email at maxtalksaboutautism at gmail dot com.

Stim happy,


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